The driverless racer hustles around the track impressively. We look forward to seeing a whole grid of them vying for a win.

Roborace continues to haul its DevBot experimental autonomous track machine to Formula E events around the world, and in a new video the racing series has given the world a look from inside the cabin as the vehicle lapped the Berlin ePrix’s Templehof Circuit.

Roborace DevBot Buenos Aires

There’s something unsettling about seeing a race car be on a circuit at high speed with no one behind the wheel. However, the setup here appears to be somewhat conservative because the DevBot doesn’t attack the course’s apexes with gusto.

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RoboRace has already shown its series futuristic Robocar racing machines from designer Daniel Simon. The organizers built the Devbot from a Ginetta LMP3 chassis to get the software and tech ready for the upcoming series. The cabin has room for a human racer for collecting data about how a real driver would handle a course. Otherwise, the Devbot has the same drivetrain and sensors as the Robocar.

The DevBot made its public debut in 2016 at the Donington Park Formula E test. It also performed a public test at the ePrix in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but the experiment wasn’t entirely successful after one of the vehicles slammed into a trackside barrier. The DevBot also hit the track during the recent ePrix in Paris.

Roborace DevBot

Roborace aims to be a support series with Formula E in the near future. Rather than human drivers vying for victory, teams would need to code better artificial intelligence for being the fastest around the track. By removing the risk to human life from motorsport, Roborace could lead to racing machines that would corner even quicker and reach even higher speeds. At the moment, though, that possibility is still a long way off.

Video Source: Roborace

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