Besides active suspension, Audi's crown jewel will also boast four-wheel steering.

It’s a new day, so it comes as no surprise Audi has another A8 preview ahead of the plush sedan’s premiere set for July 11 in Barcelona. This time around, we get to find out the brand’s range topper will feature active suspension capable of automatically adjusting ahead of hitting a bump in the road. How is that possible? A front-mounted camera will be in charge of scanning the road up ahead 18 times per second and then send the gathered information to the suspension, which in turn will pre-set itself to ensure a silky smooth ride.


As you would expect, Audi is pretty confident in the efficiency of the A8’s active suspension as it promises it will “virtually completely eliminate any vibrations and jolts.” The system’s quick reaction based on the info obtained by the camera means the suspension’s actuators will be programmed to provide the optimal amount of travel to actively control the electromechanical suspension system before hitting the uneven road.

This will all be possible by installing an electric motor for each wheel, with all four motors powered by a 48-volt main electrical system. Not only will this boost comfort whenever going over bumps, but at the same time it’s going to enhance the car’s stability, especially when cornering and accelerating or braking.

The active suspension will work in tandem with a four-wheel steering system further increasing stability and at the same time giving the A8 a turning circle smaller than that of the A4. How impressive is that?

Another ace up its sleeve will be the plethora of sensors able to detect a collision around the vehicle. In case of an imminent side crash occurring at speeds of more than 15 mph (25 kph), the suspension’s actuators will automatically raise the A8’s body only on the exposed side by as much as 3.1 inches (80 millimeters) in just half a second. This way, Audi says the force of the impact will be directed towards the sedan’s stronger areas, like the floor structure and the side sills. As a consequence, the load impact on the driver and passengers will be reduced by 50 percent, so the risks of sustained injuries will drop significantly.

Ahead of its reveal in July, the all-new A8 will be previewed in Spider-Man: Homecoming set to hit the big screen at the end of this month.

Source: Audi

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