Conversion kit recreates Corvette body into a European-like supercar and ups power ratings to 700 or 999 hp.

A Vette that looks European save for the four-eyed monster rear end that is very American muscle-looking?

Yeah, it works.

What is it called? Well, the design is by UgurSahinDesign and the engineering is done by Mallett and it has been given the Z03 Corvette moniker. Well, it is a conversion kit, not an actual model.

And what kind of converting is it doing? Well, they're adding a Vortech supercharger kit, modified by Mallett, which pumps up the output on the LS7 (7.0 liter) V8 to 700 hp from the standard 512. Or you can opt for the APS Twin-Turbo Hammer Conversion which ups power to 999 horses.

The full-blast 999 hp version will set you back...let's see, now, that's 69,000 US dollars for the body conversion kit, not including the actual Corvette Z06, which you would have to buy yourself. Then there's the 35,795 bucks for upping power to 999 horses - a princely sum, as they say.

If you want to save a few bucks, like say, 3,000, you can opt for the 700 hp version. Cheapskate, that one may be, to sacrifice 300 hp for only 3,000 bucks. But, hey, if these guys are handing out horsepower at 10 bucks a point, suddenly this all sounds very affordable.

For more details, see source link with the press release.


UgurSahinDesign Mallett Z03 Corvette Conversion with 999hp twin-turbo V8