Hamann has released details and video of its Imperator, based on the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed.

Hamann has released a video and the details of its Imperator widebody kit for the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed. This "refining programme," as Hamann calls it, offers exterior, interior and performance upgrades to the big grand touring coupe. Although hysterically expensive modified Continental GTs are getting so common as to become a joke among auto enthusiasts, there's no denying the cool factor of making a fast automobile faster.

The modified body ensures that the Imperator lives up to its name on the street. Its face is unmistakably that of a Continental GT, but closer inspection reveals that Hamann has tweaked every part of the front fascia. Larger air intakes with daytime running lights give the car a more sinister look, while the extended wings and chin spoiler help to reduce lift at the front. The side skirts help to clean up airflow along the sides of the car as well as emphasizing the widened body and choice of 21- or 22-inch wheels. At the rear, a spoiler is mounted on the trunklid and rear skirting has been added. Hamann claims that all of the body modifications have been made in the name of improved high-speed aerodynamics. The Imperator rides on a lowered suspension as well.

A new exhaust and tweaked engine management are responsible for a 40 horsepower (29 kW) boost in the Continental GT-based Imperator, and adds 70 horses (52 kW) to the Continental GT Speed. The exhaust system consists of a sport muffler and new oval exhaust tips.

If you like what you see so far, keep reading. If Hamann's Imperator is not to your taste, however, you'll want to avoid the interior. A wide range of leather and carbon-fiber trim choices enables Imperator buyers to outfit the interior in just about any way. Two-tone seating, logo-embossed leather and a new three-spoke steering wheel set the Imperator's passenger cabin apart from stock.

HAMANN IMPERATOR Images, Video and Details Released - Based on Bentley Continental GT Speed