It's called the ECHO, and it's based on the 2016 Vision 6 concept.

Even though it was just a concept, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 temporarily satisfied our desire for an uber-luxurious German coupe when it made its debut last August. A sexy, streamlined design paired with a futuristic cabin and a 738-horsepower (550-kilowatt) powertrain. Sadly, it won’t be hitting the production line anytime soon.

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If an effort to re-imagine the stunning lines of the Maybach concept mentioned, South Korean artist Hawan Park decided to visualize a sort of Maybach supercar. Instead of the sleek, sophisticated lines found on the Maybach 6 concept, this so-called Mercedes-Maybach ECHO uses sporty styling cues to redefine the original coupe.

The body lines are significantly sharper. The chrome grille found on the Vision concept has been replaced for carbon fiber, while a new front diffuser, a new hood ornament embedded into the hood, and even slimmer headlights give it a more aggressive look overall. Thankfully, the gullwing doors also remain.

2030 Mercedes-Maybach Supercar Concept
2030 Mercedes-Maybach Supercar Concept

The wheels are entirely new, and the rear of the vehicle retains a similar sleek look to match the front fascia. The body stretches out to 18.5-feet (5.6 meters) long, and is sculpted out of carbon fiber and translucent metal. The futuristic metal replaces the standard glass windshield.

Like the original concept, the interior retains nearly all of its upscale components… and then some. A sound tunnel and a hologram projector are encased inside a wood cockpit, allowing sound to disperse appropriately throughout the cabin. Park says that the interior was designed for "concert goers" that "don’t want to listen to classical music through electronic speakers."

Sadly, both the Maybach 6 and the ECHO concept will remain just fantasies.

Source: Hawan Park / Behance via Carscoops

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