Meet the new Facebook star.

How old were you when you started speaking and what was the first thing you said – "mama" or "dada"? I bet you were talented, but were you as good as this cute little boy?

We are all car guys here and, naturally, we know most (if not all) auto brands in the world. That’s why we are trully amazed by this one-year-old boy, who plays a game of can-you-name-that-car with his dad – just forgive him about the incorrect pronunciation on some of the brands.

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The game starts with a Maserati, Lexus, and Alfa Romeo models, followed by Acura, Honda, Chevy truck, and Mini. When he sees a picture of the Bugatti Chiron, he simply says it is a “Bugatti go-fast” – how cute is that, seriously? He even knows the names of the now defunct Scion brand and the Dodge Ram truck. We’d say he is definitely a future expert.

At the end of the short video that is going viral on Facebook, the boy sees what appears to be a black BMW 2 Series Coupe on the screen of his dad's laptop. How would you call this car if you can barely form a sentence of two to four words? A black Beemer, of course.

Source: JukinVideo on Facebook