The wool suit is waterproof and draws inspiration from the Guiletta compact hatchback.

Carbon fiber buttons. Red stitching. Waterproof exterior with a mesh interior to regulate heat. It sure as heck sounds like we’re talking about a car, but this is actually a spiffy suit made by a British tailor using Italian wool. Because you know, Italian wool has passion and soul.




This dapper ensemble is the product of renowned London tailor Hawes & Curtis, and is said to be inspired by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta compact hatchback – or more specifically, the all-weather capability of the car. The two companies have partnered up to offer this special accessory, which is billed as a “high-performance suit” that is both waterproof and capable of regulating temperatures for hot and cold days.

To accomplish this, a water resistant “finish” of unknown origin is applied to the wool so liquid just sheds off like the hood of your waxed Alfa. Inside, a mesh lining that mimics the Guiletta’s grille is said to regulate body temperature so it can be worn comfortably on a hot day. Anyone who’s worn a wool suit will no doubt find this claim to be a bit dubious, but we’ll give both companies the benefit of the doubt.


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Red stitching pays homage to the Guiletta’s interior, and of course you can’t have car-themed apparel without some measure of carbon fiber, which in this case can be found with the suit's buttons. Alfa-branded accessories such as a tie and tie clip, cufflinks, and lapel pins round out the package. For the ladies who feel left out, Hawes & Curtis will make you a white shirt that features “the fluid lines of the car” along with more red stitching.

The announcement makes no mention of price or availability for the apparel, but a typical Hawes & Curtis suit sells for around $400, which isn’t a bad price for a nice suit. Throw in the Alfa Romeo branding however, and who knows what might happen. Still, as far wearable automotive accessories go, a decent suit isn’t such a bad idea. We’ve certainly seen worse.

Source: Alfa Romeo

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