The wool suit is waterproof and draws inspiration from the Guiletta compact hatchback.

Carbon fiber buttons. Red stitching. Waterproof exterior with a mesh interior to regulate heat. It sure as heck sounds like we’re talking about a car, but this is actually a spiffy suit made by a British tailor using Italian wool. Because you know, Italian wool has passion and soul.




This dapper ensemble is the product of renowned London tailor Hawes & Curtis, and is said to be inspired by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta compact hatchback – or more specifically, the all-weather capability of the car. The two companies have partnered up to offer this special accessory, which is billed as a “high-performance suit” that is both waterproof and capable of regulating temperatures for hot and cold days.

To accomplish this, a water resistant “finish” of unknown origin is applied to the wool so liquid just sheds off like the hood of your waxed Alfa. Inside, a mesh lining that mimics the Guiletta’s grille is said to regulate body temperature so it can be worn comfortably on a hot day. Anyone who’s worn a wool suit will no doubt find this claim to be a bit dubious, but we’ll give both companies the benefit of the doubt.


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Red stitching pays homage to the Guiletta’s interior, and of course you can’t have car-themed apparel without some measure of carbon fiber, which in this case can be found with the suit's buttons. Alfa-branded accessories such as a tie and tie clip, cufflinks, and lapel pins round out the package. For the ladies who feel left out, Hawes & Curtis will make you a white shirt that features “the fluid lines of the car” along with more red stitching.

The announcement makes no mention of price or availability for the apparel, but a typical Hawes & Curtis suit sells for around $400, which isn’t a bad price for a nice suit. Throw in the Alfa Romeo branding however, and who knows what might happen. Still, as far wearable automotive accessories go, a decent suit isn’t such a bad idea. We’ve certainly seen worse.

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  • Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta has inspired Hawes & Curtis to create the tailor’s first ‘all-weather’ high-performance concept suit
  • Suit features the finest Italian wool combined with subtle mesh lining for water resistant and breathable effect
  • Pieces inspired by Alfa Romeo Giulietta unique D.N.A driving mode selector with all-weather option and signature design features including honeycomb grille and red contrast stitching
  • Video of creation of the concept suit and shirt here:

Italian automotive marque Alfa Romeo has partnered with British tailor Hawes & Curtis of Jermyn St, London to produce a tailor’s first all-weather suit, the perfect style solution for a ‘heat-wave’ or rainy day.

This innovative and fashion-forward concept suit takes inspiration from the automaker’s renowned Italian heritage and the marque’s Alfa Giulietta design and technology, combining to showcase the perfect balance of innovation and fashionable design.

Inspiration behind the exterior of the high-performance suit stemmed from the Giulietta’s unique D.N.A driving mode selector, which allows drivers to seamlessly adapt the car’s driving capability to handle all weather conditions, just like the suit itself. 

Applying that notion to the suit required integration of a luxurious Italian wool – taken from Hawes & Curtis’ 1913 premium collection made in Italy – combined with a water resistant finish applied to the fabric itself. Moreover, for even greater comfort, mesh lining inside the suit regulates the warmth of the body ensuring the wearer could sport the luxury ensemble during a UK ‘heat-wave’ or thundery downpour. 

Inside the suit the Giulietta’s distinctive, standout design features are clearly on show thanks to the delicate inclusion of a honeycomb grille mesh lining, a bespoke print on the sleeve lining and the stylish red contrast stitching. 

Designed to meet the needs of the modern professional, Hawes & Curtis models donned the Italian-made suit and the custom made women’s shirt for a photo shoot in central London, with Canary Wharf as the backdrop. 

Completing the high-end, bespoke look was an array of essential Giulietta accessories all complete with Alfa Romeo’s iconic logo: tie, pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pin and tie slide. 

The women’s shirt featured the fluid lines of the car which was echoed in the soft curvatures on the collar and bib. The characteristic red highlights along the bumper and interior upholstery were also reflected in the contrast stitching on the bib, the trim inside the collar and the metallic buttons. 

Hawes & Curtis designer, Kate Regan said about the project: “The limited edition pieces are inspired by the Giulietta’s refined design features and performance. Beautiful details such as the fluid lines of the car and the characteristic red highlights along the interior upholstery are echoed in the garments. I designed the items having in mind the corporate professionals who appreciate sleek design, attention to detail and impeccable quality.” 

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