Being annoyed with everything all the time is hard work.

In the tangled web of the internet, cats are as good as gold. Don’t believe us? We have two words for you: Grumpy Cat. Actually, let us give you two more words: Pompous Albert. That’s the name of the cat now being featured in a television commercial promoting Honda service, and as his annoyed expression might suggest, he’s not happy about much of anything. Except apparently when a Honda vehicle receives service from a certified tech at a Honda dealer, at which point Pompous Albert is merely slightly perturbed.


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Before anyone starts calling PETA or the Humane Society or Sarah McLaughlin, know that Pompous Albert is supposed to look the way he does. He’s a Selkirk Rex cat, a rather famous breed of feline known primarily for their curly coat and stocky build. In the case of Pompous Albert, his facial features also give him that perpetually condescending look, rather like the one you always get from your mother-in-law when you buy more car parts instead of financing a family gathering at her house.

The quirky cat gimmick is pretty much a guaranteed hit on the internet, but will it work in the cutthroat world of automotive advertising and PR? Honda thinks so.

"Pompous Albert's many followers seem to share his skeptical sensibility, so we thought it would be fun to create a visually compelling storyline that was not only relatable, but raises awareness about the importance [of] regular maintenance with Genuine Honda Parts and Service," said Nick Lee, Manager of Service Marketing at American Honda. "Summer is perfect for road trips, cruising with friends, and spending time with family and pets, which also makes it a critical time of year to keep vehicles running smoothly by visiting a local Honda dealership."

We have no comment on Honda’s attempt at a real world spin for using a cat to promote certified dealership service. We’ll simply let Pompous Albert speak for himself on this subject.


Pompus Albert


Pompous Albert snuck into the viral internet scene in 2015 during Grumpy Cat’s tenure and has amassed quite a following. This curious cat has over 132,000 Instagram followers, 43,000 Facebook followers, and now has a television contract as a Honda spokesman spokesperson spokescat.

In other words, this cat is way more famous than everyone at Motor1. Our in-laws are so proud. 

Source: Honda


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