Good news! The new Duster has been caught in motion.

The second-generation Dacia Duster was first seen out and about a couple of weeks ago and now the no-frills SUV is making the headlines yet again courtesy of a spy video. Recorded somewhere in Spain, the footage comes to confirm there aren’t going to be any major styling changes on the outside. Despite the heavy amount of camouflage, we can observe the design will merely be an evolution of today’s model.


While the overall look will not stray away too far, previous spy shots have shown the hood’s cutout is going to be modified and the headlights will be sleeker. Some minor updates to the front grille are in the works, as are side mirrors with built-in turn signals as seen in recent Dacias. At the back, it’s a case of déjà vu as one would be tempted to say this is an upcoming facelift rather than a new generation.

In order for Dacia to keep the Duster one of the cheapest SUVs money can buy, it seems highly unlikely the 2018 model will take after the Renault Kadjar and Nissan X-Trail by fully adopting the CMF platform. A more plausible scenario is simply an evolution of today’s hardware, with possibly some newer components thrown in for good measure.

A slight increase in size will make the interior roomier, which is good news since the Duster is not what you would call very spacious, especially in terms of space available for rear passengers as well as when ti comes to the trunk’s cargo capacity. We’ll have to wait and see whether those rumors about a long-wheelbase, seven-seat version will pan out.

The interior should remain pretty basic and with materials of so-so quality. The aforementioned spy images have demonstrated the new Duster will likely feature a light and/or rain sensor, which would be a premiere for any Dacia car. Our only wish is for the infotainment's touchscreen to be moved higher on the center console...

There’s a report about the SUV’s online reveal on June 22, this Thursday, and we have it on good authority it's legit.

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