Hooray! Merc is bringing its A game stateside.

Following countless rumors and speculations, Mercedes has internally announced it will finally launch the A-Class in United States. Company officials have confirmed it will happen next year, but it won’t be the five-door hatchback available today in other parts of the world. Instead, the company with the three-pointed star logo will introduce the yet unreleased A-Class Sedan based on the second generation of the company’s Modular Front-wheel-drive architecture (MFA).


The model in question has already been shown to dealers in the U.S. earlier this month and insider info indicates it will be positioned below the CLA. Consequently, it means its starting price will undercut that of the $32,700 “four-door coupe,” so expect the base model to kick off at just under $30,000. Dealers are saying it’s going to be a “very nice-looking vehicle” with a “cutting edge and techy” interior available at a competitive price tag. The new small model is projected to account for roughly five percent of Mercedes’ total sales in the United States.

Some of you will recall Mercedes has already previewed the A-Class Sedan earlier this year at Auto Shanghai with the Concept A Sedan pictured here ahead of the production model’s debut at some point next year. Automotive News is reporting the U.S.-spec A-Class will be launched around September 2018 and will be available strictly as a sedan. The reason why the hatchback is not being considered is out of concerns it wouldn’t perform, hence why the five-door A-Class has never been offered in the United States in its two decades of existence.

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The A-Class Sedan is not the only new U.S.-bound car as during the same meeting with the dealers Mercedes also revealed a production version of the four-door AMG GT. Previewed by a concept earlier this year in Geneva, the yet unnamed high-performance sedan will land stateside in the summer of 2018 to take on the Porsche Panamera. There’s no word about pricing just yet, but it will likely cost more than the $104,400 E63 S in its more potent configuration.

Source: Automotive News

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