Tonke, an RV maker from The Netherlands, offers an odd way to go camping in style with its line of Classic Woodline conversions. As the name suggests, these campers feature a living area with a polished wooden exterior. Poke your head inside, and there’s even more lumber decorating the walls, floors and cabinetry. Think of it as a true land yacht.

Tonke Wood Mercedes Sprinter Camper

The photos in the gallery show the camper with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as the base, but Tonke also offers a version with Fiat Ducato (known as the Ram ProMaster in the United States) underpinnings in Europe. The company wants its product to support extended trips off the grid – even in hot conditions. There’s 2.6-kilowatt-hours of on-board batteries for supporting a family’s devices. A standard 0.4-kW or optional 0.6-kW solar panel keep the units topped up. A roof-mounted air conditioner makes use possible even in the summer. There’s also a 68-gallon (260-liter) water tank on board.

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Tonke also offers an optional hydraulic unloading system with extending legs that let the camper be left somewhere. The firm claims that the process takes just 10 minutes. For example, the company suggests that an owner could use it at home as a separate office or guest accommodations when not taking the family camping.

Tonke Wood Mercedes Sprinter Camper

Tonke only offers the largest version of the Classic Woodline in the United States, and it rides on the 170-inch- (4,318-millimeter) wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab. The firm constructs the wooden living area by hand in The Netherlands and then ships the unit in a shipping container for mounting to the van.

Tonke has been building these wooden campers for several years. The video below from 2012 highlights the work that goes into them. The firm’s products are as much a massive work of carpentry as they are traditional vehicle building.

Source: Tonke, MYVAN via YouTube

Gallery: Tonke Wood Mercedes Sprinter Camper

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