The paint has barely dried yet on the new Civic Type R and Honda is already talking about doing more versions of its front-wheel-drive Nürburgring champ. The Civic model range’s chief engineer, Hideki Matsumoto, told Automotive News the company wants to “maintain a more stable sales volume” (obviously!) and doing more than just one Civic Type R could be the solution.

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He went on to specify engineering a more potent version to trump the 306 hp available in the standard model is on the agenda, as is an all-wheel-drive derivative that would fully rival the likes of Ford Focus RS and VW Golf R. Another way to go would be to develop a Civic Type R “focused more on the grand touring aspect,” which would likely get a softer suspension setup and more tweaks making it a more comfortable car on longer journeys.

Meanwhile, the regular Civic Type R went on sale in the United States last week with a starting price of $34,775. You might be able to get behind the wheel at a more attainable price tag in 2018 when a new base trim is expected to join the sole Touring model available today.

On a related note, Honda might spice up the Civic range even further by coming out with a hot model to position between the Si and the Type R. The reveal was made earlier this month by Civic’s senior product planner, Rob Keough, hinting it might get an upgraded version of the turbocharged 1.5-liter engine by saying the engineers have “things that they can do with this motor.” A name for this version hasn’t been mentioned, but it would be a good opportunity to revive the “Type S” suffix.

Source: Automotive News

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