The car is worth €23,070 (about $25,800).

People have been making money from YouTube for years and we’re pretty sure some of them had bought cars with the cash earned. That being said, Opel says Yuri Schuurkes is the first person in the world to buy a car with the money earned from the video-sharing website. He took part in an ongoing online campaign dubbed “Pay by View” allowing anyone to upload a recording in an attempt to generate enough views to win the six prizes up for grabs, with half of them being cars.

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It’s not just any video, though. You can’t simply upload a clip with your cat dressed in a funny costume to look adorable while doing whatever cats do. All participants in the contest have to record videos about taking one of the Opel Online Editions for a test drive. Dressed up as Spiderman, Yuri Schuurkes managed to hit the necessary 922,800-view count to score a shiny new Astra five-door hatchback. At the moment of writing, his video — which was uploaded on May 7 — has racked up an impressive 1.2M views.

You too still have a shot at winning as Opel has other cars to hand out, albeit these are of a smaller value than the Astra’s €23,070 (about $25,800) handed over by Opel dealer Van Mossel OPC in Veghel, The Neetherlands. The campaign runs until the end of the month and people can win a Karl Rocks Online Edition by generating 589,900 views with their YouTube video or a three-door Corsa Online Edition after registering 739,600 views.

You won’t be needing hundreds of thousands of views to win an Opel-branded roof box as that needs 24,200 views, while an Adam kids’ car requires just 5,160 views. The most attainable prize is an iPad holder for merely 3,000 views.

You can check out Yuri Schuurkes’ Astra-winning video below.

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