The passengers had to be cut from the wreckage and are in serious condition.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Friends, there is a time and a place for automotive antics and a car show isn’t one of them. Something people don’t often consider, however, is the period of time after the car show when you’re still on that gasoline high. It’s even more intense if you’re with friends, but for the sake of your car – not to mention the welfare of yourself and others around you – do everything in your power to fight that urge. If you want to know why, the mangled BMW M2 headlining this page should suffice.


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The crash occurred not far from a car event in Aberdeen, Scotland. The 22-year old driver and 20-year old passenger survived the impact but are reportedly in serious condition. The details of the crash aren’t entirely known, but video footage from Facebook just before impact shows the blue Bimmer hauling all kinds of speed down a fairly narrow, tree-lined road. Additional footage shows the car spinning some wicked donuts leaving the event, so the driver was clearly still hyped to the max.






The crash may have been prompted by a silver Porsche nosing out from a side street, obviously not expecting to encounter a BMW with afterburners fully engaged on a narrow road. A quick swerve at that speed is all it takes for things to go very, very wrong.

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened for the BMW’s two occupants. Judging by the aftermath photos we’d guess the car skidded sideways into the tunnel of trees surrounding the road, then flipped, rolled, flipped some more, and finally came to rest without a front fascia. Rescuers had to cut the couple from the car so we’ll assume that’s why the roof is missing.

We don’t mean to lecture. We’re just as car crazy as the rest, and as such we’re also tempted to take things too far on public roads. We know what it's like, but the next time that temptation comes calling, we implore you – don’t answer.

Our best wishes go to the injured couple in this accident. We hope they make a quick and complete recovery.

Source: BBC, Pistonheads