People-carrier version of the Transit Connect commercial van will be aimed at "cool mom" demographic. The Family One features a roomy cabin with 135 cubic feet (3.82 cubic meters) of interior space.

It seems Ford is readying a people-carrier version of the Transit Connect van for the US market. That is if you go by this concept, although no official announcement has been made about production or an actual release date set.

The Transit Connect Family One will debut at the New York auto show next week and Ford says it is aiming the vehicle at the consumer demographic they call the "cool mom," or parents of small children in their mid-30s who haven't lost their sense of style, nor their sense of irony.

Core details on the model are few and the press release doesn't even say how many seats the van will have. But a seven-seat configuration is a reasonable expectation. The Family One comes with the same 2.0 liter Duratec engine with 136 hp as in the Transit Connect commercial variant.

The van is spacious, though, with 135 cubic feet of room inside the cabin (3.82 cubic meters). The starting price of $21,475 for the Transit Connect commercial van, announced for the US market earlier this year, provides an indication that the people-carrier variant will be competitively priced in the low-to-mid 20s range.


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