Should be ready for a debut in Frankfurt this year.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class’ slightly bigger and more stylish brother, the CLS, is slowly taking shape. While not everything on the development goes as planned, the German manufacturer is intensively working on the model which should be ready for a debut later this year, probably this fall in Frankfurt. In fact, as we speak, a couple of prototypes are roaming the streets of Germany and Spain.


As we are slowly approaching the premiere of the premium sedan, our colleagues at OmniAuto have prepared an exclusive rendering to preview the design of the car. As you can see from the attached image, Mercedes won’t take a revolutionary approach and will instead follow a similar recipe like the previous two generations of the CLS.

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Based on the latest spy photos, this virtual interpretation reveals the 2018 CLS will feature a distinctive sloped roofline and a classic four-door coupe profile. At the front, a pair of sleek LED headlights surrounds a prominent radiator grille with diamond-like inserts.

The new CLS will remain positioned between the E-Class and the flagship S-Class, and will likely be available exclusively as a sedan model. The previous generation of the model received a wagon derivative, which, however, was not popular among customers.

2018 Mercedes CLS spy photo
2018 Mercedes CLS spy photo
2018 Mercedes CLS spy photo

As far as the interior of the new CLS is concerned, don’t expect big surprises as it will be heavily inspired by the interior of the E-Class. In fact, the cabin of the sexy sedan will use a mix of components from the whole E-Class family, including the coupe and convertible versions.

Some previous reports suggested the new CLS could receive the CLE moniker, but, according to sources close to the brand, this won’t happen. Indeed, it would make sense for the new car to be renamed CLE since it will be based on the E-Class, but Mercedes is expected to stick with the current designation.

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