Euro TDI owners won't be getting financial compensation soon.

Volkswagen has already agreed to pay approximately $25 billion in different taxes, compensations, and fines in the United States following the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal, but European VW TDI owners are still waiting for good news.

Reuters reports the German manufacturer has now agreed to extend the warranty for owners of diesel cars on the continent with two extra years. However, no financial compensation is in talks currently, a European Commission spokesman told our source.

The situation in America and Europe is quite different, because Volkswagen has announced multiple times that it has not broken the law on the Old continent and sees no need to compensate consumers there, as Reuters points out.

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Volkswagen’s chief executive Matthias Muller now announced the manufacturer will extend the warranty for diesel cars in Europe by two years. However, EU's commissioner for consumer affairs, Vera Jourova, did not confirm that VW had agreed to extend the guarantee.

Jourova has expressed her frustration over VW’s attitude to European customers several times. While "Volkswagen has said all along that it cares for every customer," TDI owners in Europe are not going to receive any compensations, at least for now.

Reuters comments that the different legal rules in the countries from the European Union limit the chances of car owners successfully suing carmakers. However, British and Dutch VW owners are teaming up to file a lawsuit against the automaker. It will be signed by 220,000 drivers – a very small portion of the total 8.5 million affected customers in Europe.

Source: Reuters

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