Whether some of us like it or not, SUV-coupes or whatever is the right term for these automotive Frankensteins are here to stay. One of them is the BMW X4, seen here getting ready for the second generation slated to arrive quite early considering the current model has only been around for about three years. We’re looking at a sporty model that might just be the hot M40i, unless it’s a lesser version of the range fitted with the optional M Sport Package. Those two generous exhaust tips at the back seem to indicate it’s the former, so we’re going with that.

Some would say that peeking through the camouflage at the back is a pair of GLC Coupe-esque taillights, but remember, BMW was first to come out with the X4 as it happened a couple of years before Mercedes “coupe-ified” its compact crossover.


The M40i won’t be the strongest X4 of them all as that role will be attributed by BMW to the X4 M with a rumored output of close to 500 horsepower coming from a six-cylinder biturbo engine. The range topper is expected to land at some point in 2019, about a year after the standard model.  As for the M40i, it will use a single-turbo engine with at least the 355 hp offered by the outgoing model, though the Bavarians could up the power ante a bit to better rival the likes of GLC 43 and SQ5.

According to a report coming from BMWBLOG, the new M40i variant will boast 360 horses in the X3, so expect an identical figure from its sleeker brother. There also might be an M40d with 320 of biturbo diesel power, with both M Performance version set to come as standard with the M Sport package.

We will have most of the juicy specs concerning the X4 once the “regular” X3 will make its debut later this month.

Photos: Automedia

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