First reported early last month undergoing cold weather testing in Northern Finland, the third generation Opel Astra, which is badge engineered as a Saturn in the states, is expected to Debut in Geneva next year.

Seen here testing in Germany, some design details such as the vehicle's overall silhouette, front bumper and tailamps can be seen. But one feature that caught our attention is the jagged edged liftgate shape just above the taillamp. Looking like something inspired from the Lockheed F-117 stealth fighter, surely, Opel is not interested in a radar deflecting Astra, although that would be interesting. Reminds of another vehicle.

Besides the 5-door model pictured here, expect a Caravan (estate), Twin Top (convertible) and GTC (coupe) versions to follow. Engine range will remain close to current offerings, 90 to 240bhp petrol units and 90 to 150bhp diesels, but we do expect greener engines to arrive shortly after the car’s introduction.

Next Generation Opel Astra In Germany