Chevrolet understands how the public uses pickup trucks. There are people who use the S10 in rural work, others in an urban environment, and there are general fans of pickup trucks using them for both work and leisure. For the fans who like to tackle trails or other recreational situations, Chevrolet showed the ingredients are already there to make something happen. At the Salon de Buenos Aires auto show, the brand showed the culmination of its off-road adventuring efforts with the S10 Trailboss concept.


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In practice, the S10 Trailboss is a production version of the pickup already sold in Latin America, equipped with a range of original accessories developed by Chevrolet to expand the truck's off-road capability. In addition to making the truck look more robust, it also makes it more eye-catching, with the new metallic yellow paint and personalization items painted in black for a proper contrast.

Running boards and an integrated roll bar are suitable for off-road use. The Trailboss also gains an LED lightbar at the front for night trips, and steps on the rear attachment to facilitate access to the bed.


Chevrolet S10 Trailboss


Speaking of the bed, in addition to the tubular roll bar, a basket-type roof rack is added to allow for extra storage. For getting to the far reaches of the action, all-terrain mud tires and an air snorkel for the engine allow the S10 Trailboss to cross streams or deeper stretches of flooded trails. The exterior dress-up also includes stickers on the hood and rear fenders, protective frames on the wheels, extended side stirrups and external mirrors, 18-inch aluminum wheels, and a slick grille with the Chevy bow tie all finished in glossy black.

 "The S10 Trailboss 4x4 mixes the use of original Chevrolet accessories available in other markets with the conceptual application of segment items to assess consumer acceptance and interest," explains Gabriela Belini, brand design manager.

Inside, the trim is done in dark tones, while seats, dashboard, armrest, and steering wheel are leather-trimmed with orange stitching and Trailboss Concept emblems. The premium sound system is a high-fidelity JBL unit for keeping occupants entertained along the boring stretches of the trail. This includes major features such as the MyLink multimedia center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. GM’s OnStar system is there to help, as are front and rear dash alerts, traction and stability controls, and dedicated climb and descent functions. Power comes from a 2.8 turbodiesel as found in the LTZ.

All in all, it looks like the Trailboss concept is off-road ready. If Chevrolet offered such a machine from the factory, would you buy it?



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