Race as Toretto or Hobbs with cars from the latest film.

Anki Overdrive is getting fast and furious with its latest offering in the realm of artificially intelligent racing. Available in stores this September, Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition adds a pair of race cars from Fate of the Furious to the miniature car racing set, along with a special section of track called the Power Zone that can disable other cars on the course when driving through it.


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“We’ve been searching for the right brand partnership to elevate our robotic battle-racing experience to the next level of entertainment, and what better fit than one of the most widely recognized action franchises in the world,” said Boris Sofman, co-founder and CEO at Anki. “Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition delivers the ultimate adrenaline rush to millions of Fast & Furious fans, merging the films’ cars and characters with videogame elements, physical play, and robotics.”

The new racing set features Dominic Toretto’s “Ice Charger” that appears at the end of the film, and the burley MXT driven by Hobbs. Each racing car features unique stats and electronic “weapons” that can be used to disable other cars that are nearby on the track. As with other Anki cars, the Fast and Furious machines are controlled with a tablet or smart phone using the Anki app. Only two cars are included, but with expansion packs a big part of the Anki empire, future releases of Fast and Furious cars are a very safe bet.

Anki is essentially the 21st century equivalent of old-school slot car racing, minus the slots. Cars are computerized and programmed to learn the course, allowing them to navigate turns and obstacles on their own. Players control the speed, lane changes, and electronic weapons that can have various effects on other cars. Tracks are large enough to accommodate multiple cars at once, and sections are flexible with magnetic coupling so track layouts can be customized.

Though the Fast and Furious Edition won’t arrive in stores until the fall, it’s currently available for pre-order with a special launch for creating jumps. There's no word on a skyscraper jump set, a 20-mile runway track add-on, or a racing-in-reverse-while-on-fire challenge.

Source: Anki

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