The D-Type, the C-Type, and the XJR-9 will have a temporary home at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works facility.

What do the D-Type, the C-Type, and the XJR-9 all have in common? Apart from being three of the most iconic Jaguar endurance racers of all time, they're now on display at Jaguar Land Rover's new Classic Works Facility in the U.K. The iconic trio will honor the 85th running of the 24 hours of Le Mans, set to kick off on June 17.

Dedicated to the preservation of some of the company’s most iconic vehicles, Jaguar will service and showcase the classics racers at its new Coventry, England facility temporarily. Yesterday’s June 14th opening date appropriately marked the 64th anniversary of the Jaguar C-Type's Le Mans win in 1953 with Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt behind the wheel.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works
Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works

The new facility will encompass 150,000 square feet and house 54 individual workshop bays and strip down areas, as well as a dedicated engine shop. The space provides enough room for as many as 480 cars at once. Andy Wallace, who drove the Le Mans-winning XJR-9 in 1988, will serve as chief test driver for the facility, giving his final assessment on vehicles before being returned to clients.

The D-Type, C-Type, and XJR-9 will be housed at the facility for a short time before heading back to the Jaguar Heritage Trust collection at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. The cars will be replaced by five D-Types later this summer, including a number of 1957 Le Mans cars, where they will make their journey from the facility to the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace on September 1, 2017.

Source: Jaguar

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