Because normal car horn sound is so frightening.

Here’s a series of interesting questions for you – how often do you use the horn when driving? Once or twice every day? Do you find it sound annoying? Well, we all do and, thankfully, there’s a solution – a custom-made horn with friendly sound.

Meet Mark Rober, a YouTuber with a great idea of how to make the road a friendlier place. It’s called the “courtesy horn” and is so courteous that the guy’s car “was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday.”

More horn fun:

Jokes aside, the simple idea is that the friendly sound of the siren, which is intentionally not as loud as a normal horn, is used to get the attention of other drivers in a non-emergency scenario. Like, let’s say, someone’s texting and the light’s green – no big deal, let’s move. It’s just a device for better and unconfrontational communication on the road.

See, the regular horn of almost every car on the road sounds a bit angry and just doesn’t send the right message to the car in front. And if you try to do a nice quick honk, you just can’t because the horn doesn’t usually registry your touch.

In fact, the DIY device has three different signals – the first one is the friendly “courtesy honk,” then there’s an alien-like beep designed to be even one notch nicer and is used to grab the attention of someone who isn’t even in the car, and a train-like horn with a small compressor which is apparently just for fun and for scarring teenagers…

If you find this stuff cool, check out the description of the video in YouTube for links to the components used to produce the custom horn. Enjoy!

Source: Mark Rober on YouTube

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