It also has 60 more horsepower, without the water injection trickery.

Since more and more people are becoming obsessed with Nürburgring lap times, it doesn’t come as a surprise German tuner Alpha-N Performance is also entering the Green Hell time attack challenge. The aftermarket specialist headquartered close to the demanding track started off with a standard M4 Coupe and came up with “bespoke software” for the biturbo 3.0-liter straight-six engine. The end result? 560 horsepower, which is not only way more than the 444-hp M4 Competition Package, but it’s also 60 extra ponies when compared to the sold-out M4 GTS.


To make sure the seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission would cope with the additional M power, Alpha-N Performance borrowed the gearbox software from the GTS. In addition, the hardcore M4 also lent its differential and the settings for the stability control system. The tuner didn’t stop there as it replaced the standard suspension with an adjustable Öhlins’ coilover setup and fitted a set of lightweight 20-inch OZ Racing alloys.

In order to shave off some of the weight, there’s now a custom carbon fiber hood with built-in air outlets while the bespoke front bumper boosts downforce and channels more air to the brakes to cool them down. At the back, a carbon fiber rear wing was added for the same purpose: reduce weight, increase downforce. As a final touch, the interior has gained a pair of lightweight Recaro bucket seats.

With all the upgrades in place, the heavily modified M4 by Alpha-N Performance lapped the 73-corner Nürburgring in 7 minutes in 20 seconds (bridge to gantry). For the sake of comparison, BMW says the M4 GTS was clocked in at 7:28.

You’ll have to give the tuner a call to find out the price for all these bits and bobs, but we have a feeling the tricked-out M4 is still considerably cheaper than a used GTS.

Source: Alpha-N Performance

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