Volkswagen has released its Golf GTI V50, a limited-edition model for Singapore.

The latest V50 in the news doesn't come from the manufacturer whose name begins with a "V" that you'd expect. Volkswagen fans in Singapore now have access to a limited edition factory-tuned Mark V Golf GTI, that features upgrades from well-known VW/Audi tuning firm APR and a distinctive black and white paint job. This special edition goes by the name of V50.

Whether Volvo decides to sue or not, the Golf GTI V50's an attention getter. A unique two-tone black-on-white paint job is likely to polarize enthusiasts, and the eighteen-inch wheels wrapped in 225/40 Pirelli P-Zero rubber look good. Blue-tinted glass, clear turn signals and a VW Performance body kit complete the look.

The V50 isn't all show and no go, either. An APR Stage I ECU upgrade is covered by the car's warranty and boosts output by 36 horsepower and 74 pound-feet of torque. A VW performance exhaust is also used. VW says this upgrade shaves more than a second off of the 0-60 time, bringing it to 5.6 seconds. To keep things safe at any speed, the GTI V50 borrows its braking system from the R32.

The GTI V50 is a Singapore-only limited-edition model. We don't have pricing information, but expect a hefty premium.

See press release below for full specs.

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