Aston Martin has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen to create a new bespoke audio system for the DB9 which includes a powerful 200mm subwoofer and twin motorized tweeters.

Aston Martin has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen to create a new bespoke audio system for the DB9.

Dubbed the BeoSound DB9, the new audio system was designed exclusively for the DB9 so it blends in perfectly with the Aston Martin's handcrafted interior. The attention to detail is astounding as the speakers boast specially designed aluminum grilles which allow the units to seamlessly integrate into the DB9's cockpit.

Packed with the latest technological advancements, the system comes with two motorized acoustic lens speakers which emerge silently from either side of the dash. Elsewhere, twin motorized tweeters rise to the occasion to provide 180 degrees of horizontal dispersion of high frequency sounds for a life-like listening experience. Among the other components included in the package are five mid-range speakers, three additional tweeters, two woofers, and a powerful 200mm subwoofer located under the rear seats. In total, the system features thirteen speakers located in ten different positions throughout the cabin.

On the technological side, the BeoSound DB9 audio system uses proprietary ICEpower technology to create hi-fi sound quality despite the system's compact size. It also comes equipped with Bang & Olufsen's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which automatically adapts to changing road and noise conditions to provide occupants with a premium listening experience.

Although pricing information wasn't released, the new BeoSound DB9 audio system will be immediately available to order on both the DB9 coupe and convertible.


New Bang & Olufsen Sound System Detailed for Aston Martin DB9