Amalgam will be selling more than just 209 examples of the 1:8 scale model.

Some of Ferrari’s most important customers were disappointed last year when the brand unveiled the convertible version of its V12-powered hybrid supercar called the LaFerrari Aperta. As always, when the Maranello-based automaker unveils a limited edition model (the Aperta’s production run is restricted to just 209 units), the world’s most well-heeled Ferrari collectors get in line to buy one. Past purchases and the careful stewardship of these valuable artworks is rewarded with the privilege of purchasing the latest one. 

With so few of the Aperta available, though, it was inevitable that many who considered themselves eligible were disappointed. The full list of those who succeeded in securing one of the 209 cars is not available, but we do know a couple of them.


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Amalgam Collection has now revealed that tailor-made examples of its 1:8 scale model of the LaFerrari Aperta will also be strictly limited to the 209 owners of the actual car. While Amalgam will be selling standard limited edition examples of the 1:8 scale model of the Aperta to anyone with the means to buy one, they will only be available in black and red, or Rosso Corsa and Nero Daytona in Ferrari-speak. If you own an actual Aperta, though, you can order any color you want, along with every detail of the specification to make your scale model match the real thing.

Amalgam hasn’t yet released pricing for its 1:8 scale LaFerrari Aperta, but we’ve been told to expect a cost that’s substantially more than the company’s typical price for that scale of model. Considering some Amalgam 1:8 scale models can reach prices of up to $15,000, we expect models of the Aperta to be at the very top of that range or beyond. 


1:8 scale LaFerrari Aperta in Bianco Italia


Listen up, rich folks: There is a loophole. Later this year at the company’s auction in London, RM Sotheby’s and Amalgam will be auctioning a single example of a 1:8 scale LaFerrari Aperta in Bianco Italia (Ferrari’s name for white) mounted in a very special display cabinet and with working lights. Get out your checkbooks, because if the world’s most respected Ferrari collectors can’t have the real thing, they aren’t going to let a chance to own a worldwide unique example of its baby brother pass by without a fight. 

Before the auctioning of this unique Aperta model, Amalgam will be bringing something else to Monterey Week in August that’s for a great cause. This company of gifted craftspeople has created the Schumacher Collection, a five piece group of wall art comprised of superb models of the great Formula One driver’s cars along with unique images from the LAT archive of Michael in his glory years. We haven’t seen it yet, but have been told it’s stunning and will share images when we’ve got them. The bidding for this Schumacher-inspired art is expected to reach into the $200,000 range, and the proceeds will go to his ‘keep fighting’ initiative.

Gallery: Amalgam Collection 1:8 scale LaFerrari Aperta in Bianco Italia

Photo by: John Neff
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Press Release 4th of July 2017

Amalgam Collection offers only a very limited production of 1:8 supermodels of the LaFerrari Aperta

In line with the small and exclusive limited edition of the real LaFerrari Aperta, Amalgam Collection’s production of 1:8 scale supermodels of this most desirable Ferrari will be also be extremely limited.

Sales of bespoke models of the LaFerrari Aperta will be strictly confined to owners of the real car.

A single edition of 200 models will be available in two colours, Rosso Corsa and Nero Daytona.

In addition Amalgam will create just one totally unique white Bianco Italia model with working interior and road lights, presented in a truly spectacular white bespoke display cabinet.  This unique model and display will be presented to bidders at RM Sotheby’s annual London auction on the 6th of September.