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Do you still remember the Camel Trophy-livered Land Rover Discovery? That yellow thing always pops out in my head every time I hear the name Discovery. Well, we found its rally brother which is up for sale on eBay. And it's super cool.

Meet the BMW M3-powered Discovery rally car that is now searching for its new owner. Its creator, who says he needs to sell it because he has lost his left leg in a motorcycle crash and can no longer drive it, explains it took him five years to complete to project.

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“The car has competed in stage rallies and has finished at the sharp end on numerous occasions embarrassing many people with WRC spec cars! The car is quite famous in Land Rover and rallying circles due to a viral video (over 10 million views and 2 million shares on Facebook) and its ability to look like a Land Rover but go like a WRC car.”

That’s what the ad says and we totally agree it looks fantastic going sideways in the attached video. That’s possible thanks to a BMW M3 (E36) engine with retuned ECU delivering approximately 350 horsepower (261 kilowatts) to the wheels. It is linked to a TD5 gearbox with lightened and shortened transfer box, tuned for faster acceleration and limited at 105 miles per hour (169 kilometers per hour) top speed.

Land Rover Discovery rally car
Land Rover Discovery rally car
Land Rover Discovery rally car

Providing the stopping power are BMW 750 IL front Brembo aluminum brake calipers and discs. The seller also says the body has been extensively lightened including all bracing removed and the windows replaced with bespoke plastic panels for “dramatically reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.”

At the time of writing this article, there are 28 bids for the car so far with price currently being £7,500 (approximately $9,565 at the current exchange rates).

Source: eBay via Jalopnik

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