Ever since Ford graced the Mustang with independent rear suspension and opened it to a world audience, the world has responded in favorably. The latest tuner to get in on the Mustang action is GME Performance, a German-based company in the suburbs of Leipzig that has a penchant for American performance. Already sitting in the GME garage is a 680-horsepower C7 Chevrolet Corvette, a 620-horsepower Camaro, and for the sport-utility fans, the company builds a 600-horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. It stands to reason then, that with 705 horsepower beneath its hood, the GME-Performance Mustang is certainly in good company.


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Starting with a stock Mustang GT, the tuner adds a supercharger kit from Edelbrock, which aside from the blower adds an intercooler, upgraded fuel delivery system, and a custom tune to make it all work. On the other side of the engine, GME adds an in-house stainless exhaust system with a sound flap system that can open or close on the driver’s command. The trick system can also open automatically to help prevent buildup in overpressure situations. The result is a Hellcat-challenging 705 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of twist from the otherwise stock 5.0-liter V8.

To manage that power, GME graces the muscular Mustang with height-adjustable coilovers that offer separate rebound and bounce damper settings. An in-house, race-derived braking system with floating discs and improved cooling is installed, along with a set of 21-inch GME FS-1 alloy wheels fitted with rubber-band spec tires.

GME’s aero kit is subtle-yet-satisfying, starting with a front spoiler and side skirts that meet up with a modest diffuser at the back. The company offers a choice of four different decklid spoilers to accommodate various tastes.

Considering tuner Mustangs in the United States are as common as fast food franchises, it’s nice to see a slightly different take on the popular pony car.

Source: GME Performance

Gallery: GME Performance Mustang

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GME-Performance Mustang: More is More!


• Power 518 kW (705 PS) at 7000 U/min

• max. Torque 800 Nm at 4500 U/min

• 6 gear manual transmission

• Length/ Width /Height 4784/2080/1381 mm

• Tare 1726 kg

• Tank capacity 61 l

• 0-100 km/h in 3,9 s

• top speed 280 km/h (electronically limited)

• EU-Mix 13,5l Super/100 km

• CO2 299 g/km.

“Too much power is just enough!” – GME-Performance takes the latest Ford Mustang to the next level.
In standard form, the new Mustang has impressive performance. Powered by a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine delivering 421hp / 310 kW with 530Nm of torque, it rockets to 100km/h in 4.8 sec, and tops out at 250km/h.
However, some owners want more, and GME-Performance now have a package that delivers precisely this: more power, more braking, more handling and grip, and an aerodynamic package that enhances looks and stability at speed.

The engine output is boosted in a traditional American muscle car way using a supercharger system from Edelbrock, another legendary name in the American racecar and tuning world. The objective was to create the most powerful EU-legal Mustang without compromising the engine’s long-term reliability.

The result is a startling 705hp at 7,000rpm, accompanied by 800Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. With real muscle low
down in the rev band this mountain of twisting force provides a feeling of never ending forward thrust. And since the supercharger driven directly off the crankshaft, throttle response is instantaneous.

Getting the spent gases out of the engine as quickly as possible is the job of the hand-made GME stainless steel exhaust system. This near symmetrical free-flow system has been designed to minimise backpressure as it scavenges the exhaust gases from each cylinder bank of the big V8 motor. Featuring a sound flap system, this sports exhaust can play civilised in the city, or wild and free on the open road. Electronic sensors continuously monitor the system and if necessary, open the bypass flaps to avoid overpressure situations. Real time information is displayed in the cabin, and a remote control switch gives the driver a choice of four operating

The 21-inch diameter multi-piece GME FS-1 alloy wheels wrapped in ultra low profile tyres fill out the wheel arches, and give the car a broader, more purposeful stance. Meanwhile, the height adjustable coil-over suspension system with separate bounce and rebound damper control allows bespoke settings to suit local road or track conditions.

This level of performance requires tremendous stopping power. The high-performance brake system developed by GME for the Mustang uses race derived features such floating brake discs for improved heat dissipation. The active ventilation designed into the GME brake system directs more cooling air at the discs and callipers to help maintain optimum braking performance on road and track.

The GME aerodynamic package provides a sporty and elegant look that underscores the Mustang’s American muscle car character. The kit includes a front spoiler, side skirts, bootlid spoiler and underbody diffusor. Four different rear spoiler designs encompass a wide variety of aesthetic preference.

While the above outlines their Mustang tuning programme, the GME-Performance team is also open to personalisation wishes. So if you have your own ideas for a dream Mustang don’t hesitate to contact GME to discuss how this might be translated into reality with the finest German engineering.