We have some good news for you: the BMW X6 M will debut in New York alongside the new Z4 and the new 7-Series.

BMW has announced that the new BMW X6 M will debut at the New York Auto Show. Appearing alongside the Z4 Roadster and the new 7-Series, the X6 M will try to lure the attention of the American marketplace at a time when automakers need to fiercely compete for every consumer.

BMW is keeping things as quiet as they can on the upcoming M crossover. We previously reported that the X6 M will probably come with a 550 horsepower V8 engine with twin-scroll turbos, information that was buried on the X6 M microsite. Displacement of the engine is likely in the mid-4-liter range. All-wheel drive is naturally expected on the crossover as well.

All the German automaker would say is that the "X6 M will utilize several new engine, drivetrain, and suspension technologies" to make the X6 a crossover truly worthy of the M-badge. Stay tuned... more on the BMW X6 M will hopefully be available before its 8 April debut at the New York International Auto Show.


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