860 raging bulls are now being unleashed by the 5.2-liter V10.

Leave it to Novitec to make the Huracan Spyder even more intense by developing a wide body kit to muscle up the baby Lambo. Finished in Verde Mantis and limited to just 11 units, the striking droptop supercar has received an aggressive front bumper with a central front blade optionally available in pure carbon fiber without a drop of paint on it. Those beefy front fenders are an inch (three centimeters) wider on each side and come with three-slot vents to improve cooling of the brakes.


More vents have been incorporated on the vehicle’s sides where the rocker panels feature built-in air scoops to cool down the rear brakes. The piece of the resistance is represented by the bulging rear fenders, which are a whopping 2.3 inches (six centimeters) wider per side. Even more upgrades are at the back where the Huracan Spyder has gained a wing and a meaner bumper optionally available with a naked carbon diffuser.

Even more carbon can be used for the side mirror caps as well as for the taillight surrounds and the rear aerofoil to further enhance the supercar’s low weight. Rounding off the visible changes this Lamborghini has gone through is the 35-mm drop in height thanks to the lowered suspension complemented by the tuner’s set of 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder wide body by Novitec
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder wide body by Novitec

But perhaps the most important upgrade is in the engine bay where the 5.2-liter V10 engine shared with the Audi R8 is no longer naturally aspirated. Novitec has slapped on a supercharger to boost power to a whopping 860 hp (633 kW) and around 709 lb-ft (960 Nm). The kit has been available for some time as the tuner showed a similar Huracan Spyder back in August last year, but that one lacked the wide body conversion.

To go along with the overhauled engine, custom exhaust systems are available in stainless steel and F1-derived inconel versions and Novitec says these are compatible with all Huracans, either with or without the controllable exhaust flap to alter the sound.

For a stronger Huracan Spyder straight from Lamborghini, you’ll have to wait for the Performante version spotted just yesterday ahead of an official reveal slated to take place in the months to come.

Source: Novitec

Gallery: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder wide body by Novitec

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NOVITEC N-LARGO based on the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

The drop-top super sports car with thrilling widebody version, forged wheels and supercharged engine with 633 kW / 860 hp

The specialty of NOVITEC is making an exotic car like the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder even more exciting.
With the new NOVITEC N-LARGO, the German car refinement specialist now presents a widebody version for the drop-top sports car limited to just eleven vehicles.

The carbon-fiber bodywork conversion is complemented with hi-tech forged wheels in a 20/21-inch combination, which puts even more emphasis on the wedge shape of the mid-engine sports car. To match the spectacular looks, NOVITEC is developing a supercharged ten-cylinder engine rated at about 633 kW / 860 hp.

The NOVITEC N-LARGO widebody version is more than just a strikingly styled designer outfit that makes the two-seater an impressive 204 centimeters wide. The bodywork conversion, which is available for all model variants of the Huracan Spyder, was fine-tuned in the wind tunnel and thus also delivers outstanding aerodynamic efficiency, which pays dividends in the form of even more stable handling at high speeds.

The front bumper gives the two-seater an even more aggressive front. What is more: In combination with the central front blade, which is optionally also available with a naked carbon finish, the bumper further reduces front axle lift. In addition, it creates a perfect transition to the N-LARGO front fenders, which are three centimeters wider on each side and replace the production components. The NOVITEC trunk lid with integrated air ducts plays an equally important role in the further enhanced handling stability by using the relative wind at the front axle to produce downforce.

The N-LARGO front fenders, each with three gill-shaped ventilation slots in the top, dissipate the heat of the brakes upward and also create space for nine-inch-wide NOVITEC N-LARGO NL2 wheels with a diameter of 20 inches, which are fitted with high-performance tires of size 245/30 ZR 20. These alloys feature five double-spokes and are manufactured using hi-tech forging technology. As a result, they offer an optimal blend of lightweight construction and strength.

The N-LARGO rocker panels are shaped to create a perfect hour-glass-shaped transition to the N-LARGO fender flares at the rear axle. Their integrated brake air scoops provide further improved cooling of the rear rotors and calipers.

The thrillingly styled flares for the rear fenders add a total of 12 centimeters to the width of the Huracan Spyder at the rear axle. They blend seamlessly with the production bodywork and create space for the NOVITEC NL2 wheels of size 12.5x21, which were specially developed for the widebody version and fitted with high-performance tires of size 325/25 ZR 21.

The NOVITEC N-LARGO rear bumper lends the sports car an equally spectacular and homogenous rear appearance. It features an integrated rear diffuser, optionally available with a naked carbon finish, and plays a role in the sophisticated aerodynamics concept. The optional rear airfoil, which likewise also comes with a naked carbon finish, produces more rear axle downforce at high speeds.

In addition, the NOVITEC N-LARGO conversion can be refined with carbon covers for the door mirrors and a carbon surround for the taillights.

A ride-height lowering by about 35 millimeters effected by NOVITEC sport springs, which also can be combined with the optional ex-factory magnetorheological dampers, benefits the appearance and results in even more direct handling thanks to the lowered center of gravity.

The NOVITEC supercharger conversion for the 5.2-liter V10 engine of the Lamborghini is currently under development. The high-performance engine will be rated at around 633 kW / 860 hp and produce a peak torque of about 960 Nm. It will put the drop-top N-LARGO squarely among the most powerful sports cars in the world.

The NOVITEC high-performance exhaust systems are already available now. They are available for all variants of the Huracan, Coupe and Spyder. They also include two especially lightweight exhaust systems made from INCONEL, a material used in Formula 1 racing. Like the stainless versions, they come with or without sound management via actively controlled exhaust flap.

NOVITEC also offers countless customization options for the cockpit.  To this end, the company transforms Alcantara and leather in any desired color into interior appointments tailored specifically to customer preferences with consummate workmanship.