Limited edition luxury sneakers. Need we say more?

Can’t afford an Aston Martin but really want to represent the manufacturer when you’re out and about? The automaker is partnering up with Italian shoemaker Hogan to produce a limited edition luxury sneaker. That’s right, a luxury sneaker. It’s imaginatively named the Aston Martin x Hogan, and when they become available later this month you’ll be able to choose between four distinct shades of tan, gray, darker gray, or black.


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At this point you’re no doubt wondering what exactly constitutes a luxury sneaker. Being Aston Martin they probably have a built-in heating or cooling functions, right? Or perhaps they're equipped with powered sole supports that have multiple settings for normal or track use. Surely they’re at least outfitted with all-weather traction assist to help ensure you don’t slip while walking along the dock en route to the yacht.

Actually, the luxury sneakers have none of the above. What they do have, however, is leather paired with nylon mesh in a design that “reflects the elegance of the silhouette of an Aston Martin sports car.” The tongue of each shoe also has Aston Martin’s logo, and each pair is said to be manufactured to the high standards of both the automaker and the shoemaker.

So what we have here, then, is an Italian shoe featuring the logo of a high-end British automaker, wrapped up in the guise of a luxury sneaker that will be sold through both shoemaker and automaker outlets. If we’re honest, the shoes look nice enough and the design is based on Hogan’s popular Olympia sneaker, so it’s not as if this whole thing is coming completely out of left field. There is no mention of cost, but Olympias can range from $150 to $300 – pricey for a sneaker to be sure, but not what you might call insane. The big question is, how much will Aston Martin’s winged crest add to that price?

We should find out soon enough, as the shoes are expected to be available by the end of June. The run will be capped at 3,000 pairs, so if you want to be the owner of the world’s first luxury sneaker, you better act fast.

Source: Aston Martin

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