If we see a snake on the hood, we’re making sure the windows are up.

Here’s a warning to those who get creeped out by snakes, which means pretty much everyone reading this. If you haven’t already clicked on the video, be prepared to experience what could be considered a waking nightmare for motorists. Common sense – or perhaps survival instinct – might otherwise dictate immediately pulling over should you see a gigantic black snake crawling on the hood towards you. But since this is 2017 America, such basic human responses are trumped by the ever-present camera phone.


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The incident in question took place in Georgia, and to answer the million-dollar question, this isn’t a venomous snake. Judging by the size and color, this would appear to be a black racer – a fairly common snake in the South that’s actually a pretty handy creature to have around. They eat rodents, insects, even other snakes of the more dangerous variety, and they’re completely harmless to humans. Not that any of this would matter should you see one slithering towards you while bombing down the highway.

The best (or perhaps worst) part of this clip is when the snake starts poking its head inside the open window. Yes, you read that correctly – open window. The driver offers up a high-pitched expletive when the snake – presumably not happy being on the outside of a moving car – takes a stab at climbing inside for better accommodations. And why not, since the driver left the freaking window open.

So to sum up, we have a driver shooting video of a big black snake crawling aggressively up the hood of his moving car. The window is down, the driver doesn’t seem very interested in stopping, and he’s suddenly surprised when the snake tries to come inside? It gets better though, because if you watch until the very end, the guy starts driving again with the snake still hanging out at the open window. Seriously? 

Actually, snakes in cars happens more often than many people realize. Warm engine blocks make for good snake cuddling partners when air temperatures drop at night, so keep that in mind when you’re making your morning commute to work. You may not be alone in the car.

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube

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