The real rover was only revealed a week ago.

If government moved as fast as Lego fans do there would be far fewer problems in the world, not to mention  all kinds of cool stuff to play with. Just one week after NASA officially revealed its Mars Rover Concept, the space vehicle has already been recreated in brick form and submitted to Lego Ideas for consideration. Lego artist RichterMat is the person behind the build, which consists of 512 bricks and features a rear opening hatch to reveal a proper lab, just like the real deal. It even wears NASA markings with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex badges on the back.


Lego Mars Rover


Those badges are there because the Mars Rover Concept will sadly never actually go to Mars. It was built to be a part of the Journey to Mars exhibit at the space center, serving as a source of excitement and inspiration for younger generations to pursue a career in the sciences, and specifically, space exploration. Given the rover's designers have a history of building cool vehicles and special creations for Hollywood, there’s no small amount of visual appeal to help the Mars Rover Concept stand out from other space machines and achieve that mission.


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What’s really neat about the Lego version is the way that visual appeal is captured in the design. The windows have a slightly brighter shade of blue than the actual concept, and perhaps the Lego doppelganger could have a bit more slope to the front, but all in all it looks wicked awesome. Should the Kennedy Space Center have this for sale in its gift shop, we see quite an opportunity for both NASA and Lego.

To get there, however, the Lego Mars Rover Concept still has a long way to go. Lego Ideas gives fans the opportunity to submit ideas for production, but before Lego will even consider that step, the project must gain 10,000 supporters in 60 days. Right now, the concept’s total stands at just 20, but with 59 days to go there’s plenty of time for the rover to take off. For what it’s worth, we hope it succeeds.

Source: Lego Ideas

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