Comfortable, swift and almost go-anywhere. It's the new Mercedes-Benz super bike, that is, bicycle, priced at an equally comfortable €2,790. You still have to pedal manually of course.

Mercedes-Benz is adding to its bike collection with the new mountain bike. The new €2,790 bike is a study in sophistication and hi technology, employing such solutions as high-quality aluminium and a four-link rear suspension. So advanced is the suspension that in principle it works like AIRMATIC, the air suspension system of the S- Class. It uses an individually adjustable air chamber. Damping is controllable by an adjustable oil cycle. Mercedes-Benz is keen on keeping the comfort philosophy of their car division visible throughout its product lineup, and as such has spent serious money working on this bike. The bike itself has been developed by Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, ADP Engineering GmbH and the Mercedes-BenzDesign Centre in Sindelfingen and features two versions, a Comfort Edition and a Sport Edition.

There are parts also adapted for the difference in men’s and women’s bodies, to accommodate the fact that we are built differently. Another area of importance is the braking system which uses fully hydraulic Avid Juicy Five disc brakes that measure 185cm on their rotors. Although we have no claimed braking times at all, they are said to be able to stop the bike is excellent time under most circumstances.

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