Clarkson says he genuinely thought Hammond was dead.

Following his accident during the Hemburg Hill Climb event this weekend, Richard Hammond is not dead, again, and is all fine waiting for additional medical treatment in Switzerland. More precisely, he will be getting “a Swiss army knee,” which suggests he will be undergoing a surgery today.

The “Hamster” was airlifted to a hospital after crashing the rare Rimac Concept_One all electric supercar on a sharp left turn. In a new short video from the hospital bed, he thanks James May for getting him a bottle of gin and says sorry to his wife and daughter for being “such a colossal idiot.” Hammond promises “more news” will be released soon and we wish him a fast recovery.


Almost simultaneously, Jeremy Clarkson released a statement on the accident, saying that “television is always done in a rush and Hammond wouldn’t have had much time to familiarize himself with the ferocious power of the Rimac.” Which, according to Clarkson, is completely accurate, apart from the fact that “Hammond had been driving the car solidly, on motorways, airfields and closed mountain roads for four days.” Also, “he’d also done several runs on the hill climb that day.”

Richard Hammond's Crashed Rimac Concept One Supercar

Given that, he knew how fast that thing is and knew how to drive it. What went wrong remains a mystery, so hopefully Hammond will reveal more details when he comes out of the hospital. Clarkson says he knows nothing about the details surrounding the crash too, only declaring “what I do know is that I genuinely thought he was dead…”

People from The Grand Tour will be investigating the accident so we expect to have more details very soon. Until then, watch Hammond's video from the hospital bed and take a look at Clarkson’s full statement.

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