Thursday's reconvened stewards inquiry regarding the Jarno Trulli/Lewis Hamilton safety car incident in Melbourne has resulted in the reigning world champion being excluded from the results of the 2009 season opener.

Stewards on Thursday declared that Lewis Hamilton and McLaren offered "deliberately misleading" evidence that resulted in Jarno Trulli losing his podium in a post-race inquiry last Sunday in Australia.

The reconvened investigation in Malaysia resulted in Hamilton, the reigning world champion, being excluded from the results of the 2009 season opener.

The FIA reopened the case after a "new element" - believed to be radio traffic between the McLaren driver and his pitwall at the time of the incident - came to light.

A statement issued by the stewards on Thursday evening confirmed that 24-year-old Hamilton and his team "acted in a manner prejudicial to the conduct of the event by providing evidence deliberately misleading to the stewards".

The stewards said the conduct was in breach of the International Sporting Code.

Toyota's Trulli, originally demoted to twelfth place having stood on the Albert Park podium, has had his third place result reinstated.


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