Michael Schumacher is reported to be preparing to test the set-up of Ferrari's F2008 with 2009 modifications. Concurrent development going on to meet 2009 rules changes.

Michael Schumacher is going to be driving the wheels off a Ferrari F2008 next week. No, this is no April Fool’s joke (that was a week ago). As you know, the seven-times Formula One champion is still consulting with his former team on a number of capacities, including that of occasional special tester.

Newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport says next week at the Circuit de Catalunya, Schumacher will test the F2008 which will be set-up for 2009 downforce levels and slick tyres. Remember that in 2009 there are a number of rule changes to the sport. Yes again. WCF has reported before that Ferrari is running a two-car test programme concurrently, that is, the F2008 as well as the developing F2009. The next GP race is on Sunday 27 April in Barcelona, Spain.

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