This is Kia's latest design study based on the upcoming Kia VG. It looks near production ready, with nice luxury touches sure to garner some interest.

Kia unveiled their latest concept car earlier today. The Kia KND-5 upmarket sedan was introduced hours before its debut at the Seoul Motor Show.

A representation of Kia's upcoming "near-luxury sedan," codenamed the Kia VG, this concept gives us a bit of insight into Kia's short-term plans. It comes with a strong 3.5-liter V6 Lambda engine, which produces around 275 hp. At 4,945mm long and 1,475mm high, the car has very similar measurements to the Honda Accord. The KND-5 is 1,850mm wide (5mm wider than the Accord), and has a 2,845mm wheelbase.

The new concept includes body-colored door handles, panorama sun-roof, LED headlamps, and big 20-inch alloys. In many ways, the vehicle looks near-production ready.  In front, the car has taken on "Kia's family-look radiator grille which is based on a symbolic representation of a tiger's roaring countenance," whatever that means.

Kia's new concept, the Kia KND-5, will be on display throughout the Seoul Motor Show.

Special thanks to Miha for the live images. Please visit his site to see more.

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