Television personality and one-third of the much-loved hosting trio behind Amazon's The Grand Tour series, Richard Hammond, was airlifted to a hospital in Switzerland. The 47-year-old presenter was taking part in the Hemburg Hill Climb event with the rare Rimac Concept_One while filming for a feature video set to be included in the series’ second season.


Footage shot by a bystander right before the crash shows Hammond driving the all-electric supercar when all of the sudden something goes terribly wrong as he fails to enter the corner and drives off the road. According to a statement released on The Grand Tour’s Facebook page, Hammond managed to get out of the car before the Concept_One burst into flames. He was then rushed over via helicopter to the St Gallen hospital for a thorough checkup. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Richard Hammond's Crashed Rimac Concept One Supercar

It’s far from being Hammond’s first incident of this kind as some will remember he actually almost died back in 2006 during a high-speed crash while driving a jet-powered car for a Top Gear episode. Earlier this year, the “Hamster” fell off a motorcycle in a remote part of Mozambique while shooting for The Grand Tour.

Richard Hammond Crashes Rimac Concept One Supercar
Richard Hammond's Crashed Rimac Concept One Supercar

At the moment of writing, the cause of the accident is not known, but the people from The Grand Tour have announced the incident will be investigated to discover what caused the nasty crash. What matters the most is he’s safe and sound now, with only a fractured knee being the worst-case scenario. His colleague, Jeremy Clarkson, tweeted a few minutes ago: “It was the biggest crash I've ever seen and the most frightening but incredibly, and thankfully, Richard seems to be mostly OK.”

It will be interesting to see whether this unfortunate incident will be included in any way in the show's second season debuting in October.

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Photo by: John Neff
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