The challenging Nürburgring Nordschleife has no less than 73 corners and one of them proved too difficult to tackle for the driver of a previous-generation Opel Astra coupe. The footage shot at the ‘Ring shows the yellow GTC going faster than it should have been before entering one of the many difficult corners of the 12.9-mile circuit. The inexperienced driver did not actually make it into that right-hand corner at all, going straight into the protective wall after losing control of the car due to excessive speed.

After hitting the barrier, the vehicle went airborne for a brief moment and it flipped into the air before landing on its wheels. It then smashed into the protective wall on the other side of the track and lost one of its wheels before coming to a full stop on the track’s surface. Thankfully, no other cars were right behind it at that moment, so all the drivers that eventually arrived in that area had enough time to apply the brakes and avoid what would have been even more nasty crashes.

The drivers of what appear to be a Porsche Cayman GT4 and an older BMW 5 Series Touring stopped immediately after the impact to help the distressed driver who managed to get out of the wrecked Astra on his own feet. According to the YouTube description, the passenger was rushed over to the hospital for observation.

As for totaled Opel coupe, it was eventually removed from the track and it seems highly unlikely it will ever return to the Nürburgring judging by its terrible shape. What matters the most is the people involved in the accident will live to see another day and hopefully the driver will know better next time not to be so enthusiastic with the gas pedal when approaching a corner.

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