Hyundai has released a teaser image of the Nuvis crossover coupe concept that has long gullwing doors.

Hyundai is taking a new concept vehicle to the New York auto show which takes place next week. Spotted yesterday on the streets of NYC by an Autoblog reader it appears to be a gull-winged crossover coupe. Designated HD-11, the Nuvis is the eleventh concept car to emerge from Hyundai's Californian Design Center in Irvine.

What is apparent is the new design direction Hyundai is taking with its most recent concepts such as the ix-ONIC concept. Desperate to move upmarket to compete with Honda and Toyota, and also to create exciting designs that could appeal to European consumers, there is probably a lot to learn about Hyundai's progress from this concept vehicle.

For now, all we have are these two less than perfect images. We will have to wait until the New York auto show to have a look inside and see what the specs have to say about this new concept vehicle. But for Hyundai, after having closed the gap on quality, the story now is all about styling, and their mantra is "design, design, design."



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