The base price will be $5,000 more than the 2017 model, but Ford will add equipment worth at least that much as standard equipment.

The 2018 Ford Focus RS will allegedly cost $41,995 (pricing including destination) when the limited-edition vehicle arrives this fall, according to an ordering guide obtained by CarsDirect. A Ford spokesperson declined to discuss the new model’s pricing with Motor1.

2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition

If this figure is correct, it represents a $5,000 increase over the base price of the 2017 Focus RS, which starts at $36,995, after $875 for destination. The cost increase might seem significant at first glance, but remember that the 2018 Focus RS is a limited edition model with extra equipment for the new model year.

The 2018 Focus RS comes standard with the RS2 package, which is an option for $2,785 on the current model. It includes heated, leather-trimmed Recaro seats with eight-way power adjustment for the driver, heated exterior mirrors, a heated three-spoke steering wheel, and voice-activated navigation system. There’s also now carbon-fiber trim for the door handles, handbrake lever, and the bezel around the boost gauge.

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Aesthetically, the 2018 Focus RS now features a tone-tone look because of gloss black parts for the roof, mirrors, and rear spoiler. The wing also has an RS logo on each side. Race Red is a newly available exterior color, too. A new design for the 19-inch wheels come on 2018 models, and they feature blue RS center caps. 

CarsDirect figures that a similarly equipped 2017 Focus RS would cost $41,770, and that’s without figuring in the performance advantages of the 2018’s biggest upgrade – a Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential. The part lets Focus RS drivers push even harder through corners without spinning the inside tire.

2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition

The 2018 Focus RS retains its 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 350 horsepower (261 kilowatts) and 350 pound-feet of torque (475 Newton-meters). A six-speed manual routes the output to a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system.

Ford will only build 1,000 units of the 2018 Focus RS for the United States and 500 more of them for Canada. We’ll get official confirmation of the price closer to the launch, and these hot hatches will likely sell out quick.

Source: CarsDirect

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