If you lust after Singer Vehicle Design’s reimagined Porsches, then check out the company’s first watch – the Track 1. The timepiece brings the firm’s amazing craftsmanship to your wrist. Like the its vehicles, this jewelry is extremely rare and quite expensive.

The Track 1 comes from a collaboration between Singer boss Rob Dickinson, watch designer Marco Borraccino, and watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, according to Hodinkee. A timepiece’s mechanical movement is like the engine of an automobile, and the Track 1 is the equivalent of a hypercar by that comparison.

Singer Track 1 Watch

The Track 1 uses Wiederrecht’s AgenGraphe caliber movement where a pair of aluminum discs rotate around the outside of the watch. A pointer at the traditional six o'clock position shows the current time – so it is 10:10 in the image above. Meanwhile, the dials perform the chronograph’s stopwatch-like function, including hours, minutes, and seconds. Where many traditional chronographs can only measure a maximum of 12 hours, the Track 1 can time an event for up to 60 hours. A clear back also lets a person show off this complicated movement.

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The Track 1 features a brushed titanium case with polished details, and it measures 43 millimeters across (1.69 inches). The timepiece comes with a leather strap that features metal eyelets. The outside dial also illuminates in the dark for seeing the time.

Singer Track 1 Watch

A passion for automobiles’ intricate engineering makes many enthusiasts interested in watches, too. It’s easy to imagine Singer’s wealthy clients commissioning a reimagined Porsche and tacking this timepiece onto the already expensive bill. The company plans to make a launch edition of just 50 of them at a price of 39,800 Swiss Francs ($41,040 at current exchange rates).

Source: Singer ReimaginedHodinkee

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