Volkswagen crams 17-inch alloys into those wheel arches.

After giving its smallest car the GTI hot hatch treatment, VW is attempting to make the up! more desirable yet again by targeting a different crowd on the look for a more luxurious version. Taking inspiration from the 1982 Beetle “Special Bug,” the fancy city car can be had with an eye-catching Savana Gold paint contrasted by the shiny black alloy wheels as well as by the dark side mirror caps optionally available in silver.

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Alternatively, the up! is available with a more restrained Black Pearl shade with the large 17-inch alloy wheels painted in the same aforementioned Savana Gold hue. Both have a grey body decal at the bottom of the doors with the “Special” lettering” in front of the rear wheels to highlight it’s far from being a standard model.

VW isn’t willing just yet to reveal images of the interior, but it does say the special up! comes as standard with a black roof liner, heated front seats, and ambient lighting, which is quite rare for an A-segment car. To spice things up, the folks from Wolfsburg have written the word “up!” on the aluminum door tread plates and will give customers the opportunity to have the dashpad and seat covers finished in the same striking Savana Gold color.

Orders are being taken already in Germany where the black model kicks off at €13,625 ($15,225) whereas the gold one is €150 ($167) more expensive. For those willing to pay more at first and then in the long run save money at the fuel pump, VW will sell the special up! with a 1.0 TGI engine from €16,600 ($18,550). For some reason, the thrifty version compatible with compressed natural gas can be had only in black.

Source: Volkswagen

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