Leave it to Citroën to come up with such a quirky and adorable design.

The C3 supermini is just about ready to put on a pair of stilts for a crossover version judging by the amount of leaks posted on the Internet in recent weeks. After seeing images of an undisguised C3 Aircross caught during a photo shoot, the loveable CUV is back in the news yet again courtesy of what looks like an official scale model.

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Compared to the previous shots, the cutesy crossover is wearing an inverted dual-tone paint scheme as it’s predominately orange with a white finish for the roof and the upper section of the side mirror caps. This time around, it appears to have the optional “air bumps” on the sides and these are different compared to those of the C3. Not only that, but the air-filled humps sit at the bottom of the doors and continue the squircle theme applied throughout the body and most likely inside.

Speaking of the cabin, chances are it will be essentially carried over from the supermini upon which the crossover will be heavily based. It should be the same story with the engines, gearbox, and most of the other specifications.

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Citroën has already previewed its new subcompact crossover with the C-Aircross Concept (pictured above) unveiled back in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The production version is expected to be unveiled in the months to come, prior to a proper debut scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Sales should kick off before the year’s end or early 2018 when the C3 Aircross will effectively replace the pint-sized Picasso minivan.

It should be mentioned Citroën has been selling a C3 Aircross since 2010 in Latin America, but it’s only now the nameplate is going global as part of the brand’s crossover onslaught that also includes the bigger C5 Aircross.

Source: Diphile / Worldscoop

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