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Actor Jamie Foxx Turns His Bugatti Veyron Into A Golden Egg

Jun 08, 2017 at 1:49pm

Finally, somebody addressed the hypercar's lackluster look.

One of the biggest problems we’ve encountered with the Bugatti Veyron over the years is that it just doesn’t stand out in a crowd. We can’t begin to count the times we’ve lost it in a mall parking lot, or worse, at the local coffee shop amid a sea of silver BMWs and Audis. Even when it’s sitting solo on a side street or fueling up at a gas station, the Veyron goes completely unnoticed by everyone, save those rare individuals who have an odd fascination with obscure French nameplates. Simply put, this car has never had the visual punch and dynamic presence you’d expect to find in a 1000-horsepower hypercar costing over a million dollars.

That is, until now. And we have actor Jamie Foxx to thank for that, because damn. That is one seriously gold Veyron.

You know Jamie Foxx – he started in films like Django Unchained, White House Down, Collateral, and who could forget the actor-comedian honing his comedy chops on In Living Color? Now he’s honing his chops on attention-grabbing automobiles like the Veyron which, despite our attempt at boss-level sarcasm, is certainly one of the most double-take worthy exotic autos of all time.


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We’re assuming the gold suit on Foxx's Bugatti is a wrap – we don’t think it’s actually wearing gold but when it comes to Hollywood, you never know. In any case, Kudos to Foxx for being thorough, right down to the wheels. It seems only the grille, wheel center caps, and perhaps the trim on the W16’s massive air scoops were spared the sparkling treatment.

We won’t pass judgement on whether or not a gold Bugatti is garish or over-the-top. There’s a timeless elegance to the Veyron’s typical two-tone appearance that few other cars can match, but we also can’t think of a machine more befitting a monotone gold treatment than this, the original million-dollar hypercar.

Which Veyron do you prefer: classic two-tone or golden egg?


Source: Motor Authority