The futuristic coupe gets heads turnings in reverse and slow-motion.

BMW is showcasing the new 8 Series Concept in motion for a new promo video that shows slow-motion reactions to the coupe. The clip makes us even more excited to see how the company translates this luscious shape onto the production model.


BMW 8 Series Concept Promo

The 8 Series Concept recently debuted at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, and BMW has promised a road-going interpretation of this shape in 2018. If the company manages to maintain the design cues here then the model in showrooms could look like nothing else in the German brand’s lineup. The design has a futuristic aesthetic but manages to incorporate elements from classic BMW coupes like the shark-nosed original 6 Series, angular 8 Series, and more curvaceous modern 6 Series.

The interior shows a similar break from BMW’s current design. The company retains iDrive, but the simple setup hear looks less cluttered. Drivers get a digital instrument panel, too. The concept’s cabin features slim, carbon fiber seats, and the upholstery’s light color creates an airy atmosphere. Polishing aluminum and carbon fiber trim provide a sporty aesthetic, too. The company even uses Swarovski crystal for the iDrive controller.

BMW 8 Series Concept Promo

BMW hasn’t said anything about the 8 Series’ powertrain. However, it’s safe to expect the brand’s top engines under the hood. If the model maintains a connection to the original, buyers would be able to choose from big-displacement V8 and V12 powerplants. For modern levels of power and efficiency, expect the mills to feature turbocharging.

The original, wedge-shaped 8 Series lived in BMW’s range from 1990 to 1999, and it was a technological powerhouse of the era. Features like a drive-by-wire throttle and speed-sensitive power steering were cutting edge at the time. Unfortunately, these early high-tech gadgets often failed and were expensive to repair. This gave the E31 8 Series a poor reliability reputation on the second-hand market.

Video Source: BMW USA

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