That'll buff right out.

For drivers navigating the cratered roadways around the Motor1 home office in southeast Michigan, this isn’t an unfamiliar sight. Well, perhaps Detroit’s potholes aren't quite this big, but still, you get the idea. This video actually comes from Brazil, where the roads are obviously hungry for a bit of steel and plastic. No worries folks; as far as we can tell there was nobody inside this silver sport-utility vehicle when it swan-dived into the street. 

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As for the details, well the video pretty much says it all. We assume this particular sinkhole opened up fairly quickly, but in the age of cell phones and Pokémon who can really say for sure? Actually, such a hole in the middle of what appears to be a major street would have cones and caution tape around it in no time. Since neither are visible we’ll give the SUV driver the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to fate.

Actually, no. We’re going to blame the dog.

SUV In Sinkhole

As the video starts out, things aren’t great for the SUV but they aren’t terrible either. A tow backward likely would have resulted in some superficial damage up front but nothing major. Then the dog enters the frame at 17 seconds, trotting along like it’s just another day on the street. As if on cue, the ground shifts ever-so-slightly as the canine passes by, and the sport-ute's situation goes from bad to really bad.

Of course, the sinkhole has nothing to do with all the water laying on the road, or the fact that busted water mains and drainage pipes – often placed near city streets – can cause the ground to suddenly open up. We're not crazy about this;t he dog’s appearance is no coincidence; who wants to bet there are a stash of bones at the bottom of that hole?

Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. We’re just glad nobody was hurt.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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