Spy photographers have caught Porsche's 2011 Boxster during testing in Sweden, revealing additional details.

The camouflaged 2011 Porsche 911/998 mule that cruised past the spy photographers on its way home from the Swedish test track recently was apparently accompanied by a next-generation Boxster as well.

It's hard to tell if this is a subtly changed design or if, as with previously-spied 2011 Boxsters, this prototype wears the sheet metal of the current car to disguise its new lines. The mismatched taillights reveal that there's something different going under the surface. These clear-weather photos hint at revised bumper contours, but as with the previous shots of this car there's not much to go on.

There's more than just a minor cosmetic update expected for the next Boxster, however. Porsche insiders say the new car will be lighter, and a turbocharged four-cylinder option is a possibility. The presence of a four-banger may enrage some Porschephiles, but should also contribute to the next Boxster as being, as some have hinted, "the most economical Porsche ever."